Our experienced team provides the full spectrum of services - from consulting, financial Solutions, production, Human resources Management, Waste Management Solutions, Project management, IT and Security, legal Advisory, planning and development. Whatever the scale of services our team works closely and cohesively with other professionals, companies and organizations. Further to this, we have the professional capability to link and identify our client needs with team of experts for optimal results and solutions.

Associate Individual Consultants

  • Asfandiyar Kharal, Barrister
  • Anis Ullah Khan Advocate Supreme Court
  • Irfan Ullah Advocate Supreme Court
  • Imtiaz Ahmed, Electronic Engineer
  • Uzair Skander Khan, Electrical Engineer
  • Masood Ahmed Mir, Enterprise Development Expert
  • Shabbir Ahmed Mir, Media Consultant
  • Saeed Ahmed Mir, Civil Work

Associate Consulting Companies

  • Khyber Law Associates, Islamabad