SAMI UR RAHMAN Advocate High Courts of Pakistan


Advocate High Courts of Pakistan Senior Lecturer in Law, Bahria University Islamabad International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Expert/ Communications Specialist

Mr.sami ur rahman Possess in-depth knowledge of Law and Shariah.He has Expertise in the field of International Humanitarian Law & Islamic Law of Armed Conflict.Expert in leading and managing a team,Ability to communicate effectively with external and internal stakeholders.Extensive experience of litigation at the High Courts of Pakistan.Handsome experience of teaching Law and Shariah at three renowned universities. Possess excellent oral and written skills in English and Arabic he has Excellent computer and interpersonal skills Event organizer.


International Islamic University Islamabad

Ph. D (Law) Scholar – Sep 2016 (ongoing)

LLM (International Law) – Jan 2012

LLB (Hons) Shariah & Law – June 2008

One Year Diploma (Arabic Language- al-Fusha) – June 2008

University of Malakand at Chakdara, KP

Master of Arts (Political Science) – 2009


Bahria University Islamabad Senior Lecturer in Law (Permanent)

August 2016 – Ongoing

  • Teaching different law subjects, like, Introduction to Law, Criminal Laws, Islamic and English Jurisprudence
  • Conducting different entry tests for LLB and LLM classes
  • Conducting different seminars in the faculty on different issues
  • Heading the law society of the department (Bahria University Law Society- BULS)


International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) Assistant Professor (Visiting) - Law September 2016 - Ongoing

  • Teaching International Humanitarian Law and Global Security & Human Rights Law to LL.M students
  • Teaching Criminal Law to LL.B students

Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan (AWKUM) September 2015 – February 2016 Visiting Faculty Member (Department of Law)

  • Teaching International Humanitarian Law (IHL) to LLM students

Islamia College University, Peshawar September 2010- June 2014 Visiting Faculty Member (Shariah & Law)

  • Teaching different subjects of Islamic Shariah and law, like, Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence, The Purposes of Islamic Law, Islamic Legal Maxims, History of Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Economic System, Public International Law, Intellectual Property Laws, International Humanitarian Law, Law of Torts

International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) June 2009 - May 2010 Visiting Faculty Member (Shariah & Law)

  • Teaching different law subjects, like, Public International Law, International Humanitarian Law, Constitutional Laws, Islamic and English Jurisprudence.
  • Conducting different entry tests for LLB and LLM classes.
  • Conducting different seminars in the faculty on different issues.


Islamabad High Court Lawyer (Advocate High Court) May 2016 – August 2016

  • Litigating criminal, civil, family matters & writ petitions in the High Court
  • Drafting different contracts for the clients
  • Drafting legal notices on different issues for clients
  • Advise to different companies on legal matters

Islamabad District Courts Lawyer (Advocate Lower Courts) June 2008 - May 2010

  • Drafting suits/written statements for the Lower Courts
  • Drafting different contracts for the clients
  • Drafting legal notices on different issues for clients
  • Advise to different companies on legal matters


International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)Communication Officer June 2010 – July 2014

  • Responsible for coordinating, organizing and participating in ICRC events
  • Explain International Humanitarian Law and Law of War in Islam to selected audiences to get their acceptance and support for IHL provisions
  • Develops the Delegation's network with main focus on religious circles
  • Maintains contacts with target groups at various level
  • Contributes to the environment scanning , stakeholders mapping and reporting
  • Translates documents and conversations from English into Urdu and Pashto and vice versa


International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Senior Communication Officer August 2015 – May 2016

  • Assisted the Legal Advisor in drafting legal opinions and conducted research related to different issues of IHL
  • Support to the legal advisor in drafting legal opinions relevant to IHL
  • Conduct research on different issues of IHL
  • Prepare presentations on different topics of IHL
  • Explain IHL and Law of War in Islam to different stakeholders
  • Explain IHL and its relevance to Islamic Law of War to selected audience
  • Arrange workshops, seminars on these topics
  • Focal point for Peshawar office for Islamic Circles
  • Preparing and sending promotional items of the ICRC on regular bases to our interlocutors in the province
  • Networking with religious people including religious-political parties
  • Disseminate the work of the ICRC to these people
  • Organize different workshops, seminars and trainings for them on IHL and Islamic Law
  • Initiated and established Henry Dunant Rooms in Pakistan
  • Initiated the idea of donating resource rooms to different universities of Pakistan with the name of the founder of the ICRC- Henry Dunant
  • Proposed estimated budget for the project
  • Designed the project for implementation
  • Supervised the project in three universities in KP (Islamia College Peshawar, University of Malakand and University of Haripur)
  • Implemented the project successfully in these universities
  • Focal point for Peshawar office to deal with Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC) KP/FATA Communication Departments
  • Support to PRC KP/FATA Communication departments on need bases
  • Support in preparing key messages, tools to disseminate the key messages
  • Advise on preparing promotional items, preparing visibility material such as banners, flipchart presentations, PPT presentation
  • Approving the budget for different activities supported by the ICRC
  • Support to PRC KP/FATA to develop communication strategy
  • Develop strategy for Peshawar office for the Academic Circles
  • Preparing and developing communication strategy
  • Convinced many universities to include IHL as a subject in their curriculum of LL.B & LL.M
  • Identifying tools to implement the strategy in a successful way
  • Monitoring and evaluating the strategy bi-annually
  • Planning and organizing IHL certificate courses for Islamic & Academic Circles
  • Planning different IHL certificate courses for students of different universities throughout KP
  • Organizing the planned courses in due time
  • Planning and organizing trainings on IHL for teachers of Law & Islamic Studies of all universities of KP
  • Invitations, financial matters, stay arrangements, travel arrangements, food arrangements, external consultant arrangements
  • Giving presentations on different topics of IHL during the certificate courses and trainings
  • Writing reports of each and every activity


  • Maintain and develop Peshawar office`s network with different stakeholders
  • Maintain network of existing stakeholders on a regular bases via meetings, phone calls, text messages and emails
  • Develop new network of stakeholders in KP
  • Update the contacts database on regular bases
  • Support to Communication team in Islamabad Delegation on need bases
  • Whenever the ICRC communication team needed support, it was extended to them regularly
  • Organized different international seminars in Islamabad along-with the team in Islamabad delegation
  • Organizing National Moot Court Competition along-with the Legal Advisor of the Delegation
  • Organized four national moot competitions (2012-2015) on IHL
  • Participated as a Judge during the competition
  • Logistic arrangements for teams participating from KP universities
  • Identify suitable persons for IHL courses abroad
  • Identified suitable person from Islamic & Academic Circles for IHL courses abroad
  • Mainly for SATS, AISAAT and BEIRUT courses
  • Logistic arrangements for participants from KP
  • Conducting analysis and producing reports
  • Analysis of political and religious situation prevailing in KP/FATA
  • Analysis of security situation prevailing in KP/FATA
  • Advise to the management of Peshawar office on regular bases in the light of these analysis
  • Writing reports of each meeting held with any interlocutor
  • Planning and organizing information/dissemination sessions
  • Planning dissemination/information activities for the whole year
  • These were planned mainly for Political Science, International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies,
  • Sociology, Social Work & disaster management departments of different universities of KP
  • Organizing these information session throughout the year

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)Communication Team Leader August 2014 – August 2015

  • Lead communication team in Peshawar Sub-Delegation under the supervision and guidance of the Head of KP/FATA Office and Communications Coordinator
  • Plans, organizes and manages internal communication, including training, of the sub-delegation, in collaboration with the management and the communication coordinator
  • Contributes to the analysis of the environment
  • Contributes to the development and production of dissemination tools
  • Prepares proposals and ensures implementation of the communication-related priorities of the sub-delegation in line with the PFR
  • Defines operational communication strategies and messages in conjunction with Head of KP/FATA Office and Communications Coordinator
  • Identifies and addresses field communication needs in tools, training and support
  • Supervises the daily routine of the communication team ( distribution of responsibilities, tasking, reporting)