Financial & Strategic

Management Consultant

Ravi Talib Financial & Strategic Management Consultant 7+ years’ experience, Leading MNC & Bank, UK & Pakistan MBA (Finance)–IoBM(CBM),Gold Medalist

Ravi is a senior leader and a finance & management professional with 7+ years of corporate finance & banking experience with leading multinational consumer goods and banking companies in UK and Pakistan. He has provided his finance & banking expertise in the areas of treasury & investments, commercial finance & long-term performance management, global structures & frameworks and supply chain.

He is also an in-house corporate trainer & a professor at a leading business institute on finance related topics along with conducting team building & motivational workshops. Ravi is also a One Young World Ambassador and has built a strong network across the globe to work on sustainable living projects and create a better world. Under the umbrella of Future Consultants (Pvt) Limited, Ravi will be offering his expertise in the following scope of services:

  • Treasury, Investments & Fund Management
    • Cash Flows Analysis & Liquidity Management
    • Portfolio Management
    • Hedging Strategies
  • Corporate Risk Management
    • SWOT & Competitor Intelligence
    • Economic & Financial Risks
    • Business Risk Matrix
  • Management & Cost Accounting
    • Business Finance & Corporate Reporting
    • Factory Cost Accounting & Management
    • Overheads Accounting & Management
  • Strategic Management
    • Crafting Vision & Strategy
    • Creating Structures & Frameworks, KPIs & Targets
    • Long Term Performance Management
    • People Management
  • Project Management & Investment Appraisals
    • Capital Investment Business Case Evaluations
    • End to End Project Management & Governance Framework
  • Strategic & Commercial Financial Management
    • P&L Management
    • Pricing & Profitability Levers
    • Zero Based Budgeting
  • Trainings & Academic Finance Courses
    • Team Building Workshops
    • Leadership & Motivational Trainings
    • Financial Management
    • Applications of Academic Finance

Waseem Khan

Mr. Waseem is Bachelors in Science and has Masters Degree in Business Administration. He has 25 years experience in Business and Marketing of Medical, Surgical, Clinical Laboratory diagnostics, Life Sciences and Analytical market segments. He is based in Kuwait. Diagnostics, Gel Documentation Systems of Sygene UK, Laboratory Grade Water Purification Systems of ELGA Lab., Coblation technology of ArthroCare. Mr. Khan has vast experience in Ophthalmology products like Research Microscopy, Image Analysis Systems, IVF Systems, Microscopy Systems for Cytogenetic Labs of Carl Zeiss.

His skill for Cardiopulmonary, Spirometry & MIS products of Cosmed Italy is remarkable. He is also experienced in Laser products such as Surgical, Dermatological & Urological Lasers as well as IPL Systems. Mr. Waseem has versatile experience in Health Care Markets of Pakistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and State of Kuwait. His experience entails LCMS analysis & volumetric estimations which are essentially required for bioequivalence studies. By acting as a bridge between manufacturers and laboratories he has advised technology implementation, definition of procedures, processes to QC access, etc. He and his associates are in touch with international consultant companies who help in establishing bioequivalence labs.

Muhammad Awais Aslam

Mr. Aslam is Associate Cost and Management Accountant and 16 years extensive working experience. His experience of 11 years is in Electro medical and Laboratory Equipment field , his specialty is in Finance, Commercial & Logistics. His experience additionally entails Financial Analysis, Control & Monitoring of Financial performances, Project Financial administration , Banking and corporate management etc.

Mr.Muhammad Raees

Mr. Raees a highly experienced person is responsible for our Sales & Service operations in South of Pakistan Karachi. He manages our installed base and sales activities in the region though the support staff.

Mr.Ahtasab A Siddique

Mr. Ahtasab has 15 years experience in a variety of sales management, merchandizing, business development, quality, regulatory & administrative operations. Mr. Ahtasab is also experienced in financial and commercial planning processes. He is well experienced in Supply Chain Management. Mr. Siddiqui has an integral role in product development activities. He is involved in devising pricing strategies for both micro and macro distribution. Mr. Siddiqui has experience in the field of Hospital Instrumentation as being the Product Manager for Optika Microscopes Italy, Adam Rouilly UK., Huntleigh UK. etc. Mr. Ahtasab is a practiced manager in Human Resource Management. Mr. Ahtasab is experienced in Cardiopulmonary equipment manufactured by COSMED, Italy